Pisa Stripe Velvet in Plum, Gold, Rose, Terracotta, Cedar & Taupe Image shows approx A4
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This Pisa Stripe fabric is a sturdy upholstery fabric of vibrant coloured velvet stripes. The variation in colour shades under different directions of lighting has to be seen to be believed.
While this fabric is available in several colour schemes, this collection of Plum, Gold, Rose, Terracotta, Cedar and Taupe gives a warm mix most suitable for warmer wood shades and room decor in creams, golds or reds.
Supplier:Modelli Fabrics
Pattern Name: Pisa Stripe Velvet
Colour(s):Plum, Gold, Rose, Terracotta, Cedar & Taupe
Material:60% Visc, 40% Poly
Martindale Value:50,000 - Severe Domestic Use